July 31, 2019

The world’s largest Tarmac Rally is the biggest event covered by Other Side Productions, the 6-days providing a gruelling test for both the competitors and the production crew! 

During the 2019 event we produced 39 minutes of fully edited daily highlight video content, as well as supplying TV news with broadcast footage and supporting a range of competitors & manufacturers with their video requirements. 

The 28th edition of Targa Tasmania saw us bring a team of 10 people, with the new addition of host Colin Clark (part of the World Rally Championship coverage) adding a unique feel to the 2019 coverage. Roles in the team are split to ensure both sufficient stage coverage & interviews, while maintaining capacity to deliver required video content during the event. 

Post event our main task is producing the 1-hour TV show which aired on Channel Nine in Australia as well as 150 countries around the world.   

For us the event starts many weeks before the flag drops, with planning and logistics critical to a successful Targa. Our detailed production manual includes all required details, from the night’s accommodation right down to the precise locations for each camera operator (supported by GPS / digital map pins).

The final product can be viewed below.