applying our broadcast expertise to online event video production

Events are a unique high stress environment we have years of experience operating in. Beginning in 2006 we’ve become specialists in telling stories where there is only one opportunity to capture the action.

Experts in time critical delivery of daily online content

Our crew and the equipment we use is tailored to working in events; combined with the significant experience we have gained producing broadcast content you can rely on Other Side Productions to produce videos which will work for your event. 

A key part of our rationale has been developed by understanding video analytic data to produce videos your consumers want to watch. This means that viewers enjoy the videos, while also consuming the messages contained. 

Engaging post event content

We can also work with your partners and sponsors to ensure we integrate their messages into your content, or help them create videos that in turn promotes both them and your event.We also have experience in making promotional video content.

We have produced over 80 TVCs, Cinema ads and online promotions through a range of mediums.

Client Testimonial

From producing TVC’s for national and local markets, to creating extremely engaging video content and event highlight reels Ben and his team constantly surpass what is required. We work closely on every project and I know I can rely on Other Side Productions to create a high-quality product every time. Without their high production level and creative output Spartan would not have engaged as many Australians as it has, and we simply wouldn’t be where we are today without them!

Jack Biss, Marketing Manager

Spartan Race Australia

Project Backstory

Other Side Productions produce all of Spartan Australia’s event and promotional video content. This sees us travel to each event around Australia & New Zealand, producing same-day highlight edits and then a full length feature video after the event. Event footage is then used in a range of campaigns including digital event promotions and TVCs. For the TVCs we also manage the CAD approval process and distribution to TV stations playout centres. One of the challenges we relish working with Spartan is making content that appeals to people from a hardened racer, to a first timer or a family taking part in a Spartan Kids race. We find the key to this is finding the stories of the event through interviewing the racers, and then capturing the highlights of their event experience. 

Project Deliverable