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Corporate videos don’t have to look like the dull content so often produced; they should be engaging, dynamic and something your customers want to watch. 

Beyond listening, we use techniques developed based on video analytics, we understand what people want to see and produce content your customers want to watch. We have found that the key is telling a compelling story; when a video is genuine and contains real people & real messages engagement significantly increases. If people engage, they’re far more likely to take home the messages contained in the video.

Corporate videos don’t have to be dull

We also have significant experience in producing video for internal communication, as well as safety / training videos. The importance of content being engaging for these purposes is every bit as important, especially when it comes to the production of safety videos. 

Tell your stories

We also have experience in producing videos in languages other than English. This has included videos recorded in other languages, as well as videos which have required subtitling. 

Client Testimonial

Other Side Productions’ point of difference is their ability to tell stories viewers engage with. Developing a stand out message to resonate with potential customers is what made Otherside the go-to team for Scott’s digital story transition. In total so far, 42 videos have been created amassing over 2 million views, with exceptional viewer retention. 

The reason for this success is that the videos produced by Otherside told our story in an approachable and entertaining way, which meant that people engaged with our product and shared our success stories. And not only did people watch the videos, they directly generated enquiries which lead to sales.

Andrew Moussa, Marketing Manager 

Scott Automation & Robotics

Project Backstory

Other Side Productions began working with Scott in 2014, producing a range of videos. The most successful in terms of both views and engagement have proved to be case studies videos which see us visit Scott client sites to capture their systems and interview clients about their experiences with the product. The most popular of these videos has been viewed over 410,000 times, and all achieve high levels of viewer retention and exceed the usual viewer numbers for the industry. We have also produced promotional videos, brand videos, same-day trade show highlight edits, technology showcase videos and enabling Scott to have a range of videos for a variety of needs.

Project Deliverable