Garage 41 TV series

October 18, 2020

Motoring shows on Australian television had been too serious or too long, so Garage 41 was created as a light-heated, entertaining and fun series that mixed humour with horsepower, entertainment with engine oil, facts with fuel injectors, and generally found a bit of crap in the carbie!

Working with Glenn Ridge and his qmediagroup, Other Side Productions shot and edited 13x half-hour episodes of Garage 41, which aired weekly on 7mate in from April to July 2020.

A panel-based series, Garage 41 saw three mates – Glenn Ridge, Dave Morley and Mike Sinclair take a light-hearted look at all things motoring from the past and present – showcasing cars and motorbikes, characters, destinations, news, views and weekly guests of varying motoring interests. 

The show also featured various fully produced segments highlighting the world of motoring, from Targa events, through to Indian Motorcycles.

The full series can be viewed on 7plus or the Episode 13 preview is below.